Kanye West is the Greatest Entertainer of Our Generation -or- Kanye West is the Greatest Entertainment of Our Generation

Kanye West is the greatest entertainer of our generation because he is simply that; entertainment. I haven’t had this much fun watching the egotistical ramblings of an adult child since the Bush administration.

I remember one of the first shows I ever played in my high school metal band. I had set up my equipment faster that any of the other band members, so I stood there, microphone in hand, performing a check. After all the levels were adjusted to their desired degree, I found myself standing in front of a loud disinterested audience with my voice amplified.

I began to talk.

I don’t remember what I said, which lends to the banality of whatever I was saying, but I was saying it. I was talking because maybe somebody could hear me and maybe someone would care.

Of course nobody was listening, and more importantly nobody cared. I was just excited because my voice was louder than everybody else’s and I had nothing to say and all the words to say it with.

Next time I held a microphone I was quick to put it down. I had gotten over the attraction of my amplified voice. Mr. West, though? This is something that he has not been able to get over. The sound of his amplified voice.

Of course the difference between him and me is that what he says apparently bears some significance to some people. I know this because of the scientific research I conducted after the VMA incident. My scientific research involved checking the number of facebook updates that related to Kanye immediately following the incident. I didn’t use twitter because I feel obligated to say twitter is stupid even though facebook serves the exact same purpose.

As far as I am concerned, Kanye West is a genius. I am not referring to his music though. I have heard his song, “Gold Digger” approximately 100 billion times, but that is all I know about his discography. I am referring to the character he has created of himself. This is a man who was able to make Mike Myers the master of characterization (excluding his filmography of the last seven or so years [excluding Inglourious Basterds]) crack and break character. Any man who can do that is worthy of my attention.

So Kanye West, keep speaking your mind, no matter how inane or unnecessary it may be. I want to know what is on your mind at all times. I want to know what your favorite music video is, even if it belittles the achievement of a young artist. I want to know what you think of our President’s racial tendencies even if it means completely ignoring the purpose of your television appearance. I want and need to know these things because it is hilarious.

So many people have been saying (scientific facebook research) that you should never be allowed to speak in public again. I disagree. I think you should speak at every college and high school graduation, every late night talk show, every bar and bat mitzvah, every wedding, and of course every funeral. If I see you walking down the street, I want you to be shouting through a megaphone about things that annoy you, because even though I may not agree with everything you say, dammit is it entertaining to hear you say it.

Never stop being needlessly outspoken. Ever.


About Kyle Hilliard
I used to be a freelancer. Now I write for Game Informer magazine. Someday, when the time is right, I will grow a mustache.

2 Responses to Kanye West is the Greatest Entertainer of Our Generation -or- Kanye West is the Greatest Entertainment of Our Generation

  1. Corban says:

    I heard you got a job man.

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