My Cat Loves Pokemon

I refuse to believe that my wife and I were the first ones to come up with this idea.

I left the poke walker on my cat to walk my Chikorita, “Leaf-head,” around for a few hours.  When I checked to see how he was doing I saw that there was a couple droplets of water on the poke walker.  I can only assume and hope they came from drinking from his water bowl.  No harm done, but I took the walker off in fear of it getting wet and put it on the far more rambunctious cat, Colonel Mustard.  He tends to sprint around the house for absolutely no reason at blurring speeds, so I figured he was more likely to turn Leaf-head into an unstoppable fighting machine than Agro was.

I chased down Colonel Mustard, which involved me pulling him out from under the dining room table, and strapped Leaf-head to his neck.  Upon donning his new jewelry, Mustard sat there, did nothing, and decided to try and gnaw on this new weight on his collar.  Surprisingly, he found it very difficult to get something wrapped around his neck into his mouth.  I promptly removed it.

We decided to try the next idea, one my wife had been proposing since learning about the poke walker and it’s, ‘force kids to exercise’ capabilities. You can try this next one at home!  All it takes is some yarn (or any other kind of string), some scotch tape and a ceiling fan.  I think you can see where this is going.

We rigged the string to the walker, taped the string to the fan, and let a cool breeze flow through the room.  Long story short, it didn’t work.

Right now the walker is clipped, safely hidden, to the inside of the bottom cuff of my pants. Leaf-head is gaining levels as we speak while I play imaginary drumbeats with my left foot.


About Kyle Hilliard
I used to be a freelancer. Now I write for Game Informer magazine. Someday, when the time is right, I will grow a mustache.

One Response to My Cat Loves Pokemon

  1. agodboldmath says:

    You must have a really smart wife…

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