It Only Took Two Years and Seven Months

Two years and seven months ago, a child was born.  In that time he or she grew to a height of 34 to 43 inches, learned to speak full sentences and can now easily put together a six piece puzzle.  In the same amount of time, I was able to unlock the MVP achievement in Halo 3.

It is a bragging rite, but it is also a mark of shame.  I should have had this achievement years ago.  There is no reason it should have taken that long.  I am not a bad Halo player.  I’m not a particularly good Halo player either, but I understand the rules of the game, and can hold my own.  I have delivered many a flag to many a home-base.  Apparently Luke owes me five steak dinners because of my Halo abilities.  That has to be a good thing, right?

I’ve done other things in those years and months of course.  I got married, got a bachelors degree, got a new job.  In fact, very little of that time was devoted to Halo 3.  Halo just demands my attention every few months.  There is a great balance of predictability and chaos in that game that makes it infinitely re-visitable.

I’m gearing up for my overkill achievement next.  At this rate I should have it in 2012, pending of course that the world doesn’t end like John Cusack has predicted.


About Kyle Hilliard
I used to be a freelancer. Now I write for Game Informer magazine. Someday, when the time is right, I will grow a mustache.

One Response to It Only Took Two Years and Seven Months

  1. agodboldmath says:

    This is also pending of course another halo game doesn’t come out causing you to start afresh with the achievements 🙂

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