Bit.Trip Runner is the Greatest Concept for a Game Ever

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Bit.Trip Runner, the rhythm-action-platformer releases today, and it looks awesome. I am going to buy it and I am going to play it, and I am going to say, “man, this is a cool idea for a game!”  You know why I am going to think it is such a cool idea for a game?  Because it is my idea!  I even entered it into a contest last year and lost!

I may sound bitter, and maybe I am a little bit, but I am still excited to play this game. Clearly it is something I have wanted to play for some time as I have been contemplating such a game in my head.  Unfortunately, my complete lack of game design knowledge and additional lack (are you allowed to have an additional lack of something?) of artistic capabilities prevented me from building such a product.

So, congratulations developer Gaijin Games, you have unintentionally stolen my awesome idea. All I can hope now is that you make some serious bank on it so when I interview for jobs I can say, “I had a concept for a game that I never made, but someone else made, that went on to make millions!”

I will have proof of my original concept later today.  That is, if I don’t start playing Bit.Trip Runner and get distracted first.


Here’s the short animation I put together to conceptualize my game in September of 2009. I created this animation as a submission for the Dorito’s Unlock Xbox contest.  I did not win.


I have been playing games consistently since the third grade. That clocks me in at about 15 years of solid gaming.  Never once in that time-frame have I experienced the eye fatigue that I am experiencing while playing Bit.Trip Runner.  I am enjoying the experience despite the brutal difficulty, but I am going to need a new glasses prescription by the time I am done with this game.


I have officially beaten the game. It was one of the most grueling game experiences I have subjected myself to in quite some time.


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I used to be a freelancer. Now I write for Game Informer magazine. Someday, when the time is right, I will grow a mustache.

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