I’m an internet content manager for a number of local newspapers in and around Charleston, SC and an aspiring games journalist. I play a lot of video games and force my opinions about them onto unsuspecting readers of moultrienews.com, and a number of other assorted sites. The only person that plays more video games than me is my wife, and I have a cat named after the horse from Shadow of the Colossus.

Agro and Wander take on the true final colossus of the game. My cat.

I also contribute heavily to randomwhatnots.net, and rarely update this podcast.


Don’t pretend like you don’t know what this is. It is a blog. It is a place where somebody shares their thoughts, and hopes to God that somebody else cares. And after you find someone who cares, you hope to some higher God that another somebody cares enough to pay you to continue to update it. And then, at that point, you are allowed to contribute all of your success to your hard work and strong will, and are free to disavow any existence of a higher power.

Banal minutia was the original title, but I traced its roots back to David Cross who first placed the words side by side in front of both a large crowd of people, and some high-end recording equipment. I considered switching the words to create minutia banal, but decided that was a terrible idea. So, after a grueling five minutes on Dictionary.com abusing the English language via thesaurus, I joined the words interminable and palaver. It has the same meaning as banal minutia. I have successfully only partially ripped off David Cross. Mission Accomplished.

Find more words and sentences that I wrote at these sites:


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